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Given the fact that “Breaking News” alerts are blasted across the Internet every time someone sneezes on the set of a Twilight film, I’m fairly surprised news of this cameo have been kept under wraps. With the finale of the franchise coming up soon, director Bill Condon has decided to pay tribute to those behind the scenes.

Twilight scribe Stephenie Meyer will have a part in Condon’s first Breaking Dawn adaptation when it reaches theaters in November. Various fan outlets claim to have spotted Meyer, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and producer Wyck Godfrey in the teaser released last week and now TwilightLexicon has confirmed with Summit that Meyer is indeed in the film. The author appeared also appeared in the first film as a laptop-toting diner patron.

More importantly, does this mean MTV will add a Best Cameo category in time for next year’s Movie Awards ceremony, ensuring that Twilight can take home even more Golden Popcorn trophies? I’m afraid the franchise doesn’t have enough MTV awards on its shelf.

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