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You may feel like you just saw Chris Hemsworth running around on a movie screen, swinging a weapon and defeating evil in The Avengers, but he's back again this weekend, and looking mighty different than his familiar character of Thor. In Snow White and the Huntsman Hemsworth plays the male half of the title duo, a drunken and angry man recovering from the death of his wife, and invested in nothing on this earth until he reluctantly teams up with Snow White (Kristen Stewart), both to help her survive in the dark woods where she's run away and eventually defeat the wicked queen Ravena (Charlize Theron).

To talk to Hemsworth about the movie, we joined in on some kind of crazy cutting-edge technology via Google Plus. We joined a hangout that included seven other journalists, a moderator, and Hemsworth himself, speaking from outside a castle in London. The magic of the modern age! We talked to Hemsworth about the training he underwent to become the Huntsman, how fighting with an axe is different from using Thor's hammer, the relationship he developed with Kristen Stewart during filming, and how the Huntsman is a gruff wanderer character inspired directly by Westerns and a guy you might have heard of named Han Solo. He also dances a little around the idea of the romance in the movie, which might intrigue anyone who missed his pining for Jane Foster back in The Avengers.

You can check out the full, 25 minute hangout in the video below. Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters this Friday, June 31.

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