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Did you know that your computers and phones have the power to kill you, or at least ruin your life? That kind of fear-mongering about the dangers of the Internet was something that went out of style in the mid-90s-- or so we thought until we saw this trailer for Disconnect, a movie about all the many dangers of technology, with an improbable amount of stars on board to support it. Watch Jason Bateman, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard and more get terrified by screens in the trailer below:

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Obviously all the issues brought up here are things that can happen in real life as a result of technology-- we hear all the time about how high school kids bully each other via fake Facebook accounts, and identity thief is a massive headache for plenty of people. But like Crash before it, Disconnect seems to be taking all of these theoretically possible events and meshing them together in a way that is both improbable and infuriating, hammering home the theme that TECHNOLOGY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE at the expense of actual storytelling.

People who have seen the movie at its Toronto and Venice Film Festival premieres pretty much agree-- The Playlist also compares it to Crash and says it reveals "nothing new that wasn’t already suggested by some half-assed op-ed half a decade ago." Disconnect, from the Oscar-winning director of the documentary Murderball, comes to theaters April 12. You might want to leave your smartphone at home before you see it-- you never know when it might be inspired to attack.

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