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It's been nearly a decade since Vin Diesel's Riddick last graced the big screen. Born in the sci-fi thriller Pitch Black, which was released back in 2000, the character got his own spinoff with 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick, but has been missing ever since. Diesel fought hard for years along with writer/director David Twohy to make another adventure film starring the alien antihero, but the constantly found themselves hitting roadblocks. After years of waiting, however, we will finally see the powerful Furyan make his way back to cinemas this fall with the upcoming Riddick, and as we get closer and closer expect to see more and more previews for the movie - such as the brand new TV spot that you see above.

Both written and directed by Twohy and produced by Diesel, the new film finds Riddick stranded and left for dead on violent, sun-scorched planet infested by alien predators that would love nothing more than to devour the progatonist's flesh. In order to try and get rescued, Riddick sends off an emergency beacon to try and get some off-world help - but instead he ends up alerting a team of mercenaries who begin hunting for him as well. In addition to Diesel returning as the movie's hero, the new story will also once again feature Chronicles of Riddick's Karl Urban back as Vaako as well as newcomers Jordi Mollà, Matt Nable, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Bokeem Woodbine, Raoul Trujillo, and Nolan Gerard Funk.

This is actually the second big piece of news we've seen from Riddick just this afternoon, as just a little while ago the folks over at San Diego Comic-Con announced that the film will be part of their festivities on July 19th. The movie will be featured as part of the Universal Pictures panel, which will include the folks behind the rapidly-approaching Kick-Ass 2. We're not sure at this time what kind of surprises they may have in store, but it has been confirmed that Diesel, Twohy, Sackhoff and Bautista will all be in attendance.

While this is the first TV spot that has been released for the movie, back in May we got our first look at the theatrical trailer, which was just as thrilling as this new spot - if not more so.

Stay tuned later this month for all of our Riddick coverage out of Comic-Con and see the movie when it hits theaters on September 6th.

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