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One of Paul Walker’s final roles is in Brick Mansions, the new action picture from the producers of Taken, The Transporter and a whole bunch of other Euro-actioners you might have liked. This one hits in April, and now we have a first look at the trailer courtesy of THR, which suggests what we already knew: Paul Walker spent his final days living life to the limit, an action star to the very end. We can only hope our final images look nearly as exciting and full throttle as Walker’s do here.

The premise right off the bat sets up that Walker’s got a pretty unique co-star. That would be David Belle, one of the men credited with creating the free-running movement also known as parkour. He’s also the star of District B-13, of which this is a remake, and they look to be recreating some of the stunts from that film. Belle’s profile has been fairly low despite being the standout attraction in that film, so maybe this prime placement – shoulder to shoulder with Walker as they take down villain The RZA – gets him a nice cut of the spotlight. It is amusing to see the trailer credit "From one of the co-writers of ‘The Transporter’": after last year’s dreadful The Family, did we all forget that Luc Besson was once one of the world’s great action directors, not to mention the mastermind behind Taken, a far bigger franchise than The Transporter ever was?

We like the foreign trailer better. Not only does it do a better job of explaining the basic premise – The man with the iron fists has stolen a pretty nasty weapon and is keeping it in the city’s walled-off slums – but it also builds upon the action. Attention spans are precious things. The American trailer seems to highlight the action at the start, but by the end of the clip it just seems pretty cool. The foreign one builds up to all the ridiculous stuff, overwhelming you in those final thirty seconds, grabbing your attention swifter. Take note, Americans!

Brick Mansions, the directorial debut of Camille Delamarre, opens on April 25th.

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