Philip Seymour Hoffman was truly one of Hollywood's most gifted performers, and when he died one year ago today, he left behind a notable void in the movie industry. Thankfully, one of the truly beautiful things about film is that it can be cherished and appreciated forever, always reminding us of the incredible beauty an artist can produce. That's why we are incredibly grateful to have this 22-minute supercut, highlighting some of the greatest moments in the dearly departed actor's career.

This video, which was edited by Vimeo user Caleb Slain, was actually first created and posted online nearly a year ago - shortly after Philip Seymour Hoffman's passing - but now that it is the anniversary of the great actor's death, the clip has been circulating around the internet, reminding us of exactly what we lost. At the length of a 30-minute TV show without commercials, it's a lot to take in, but it also does an incredible job showing how chameleon-like Hoffman could be in a role. As the video cuts from film to film, you occasionally feel the need to double take as you sometimes forget that you are watching the same performer.

While the video doesn't encompass Philip Seymour Hoffman's entire back catalog of films, it really does hit on all of the really important titles - be they small dramas like Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York or blockbusters like J.J. Abrams' Mission: Impossible III. While there isn't a list of the movies as they appear in the video (you'll notice that multiple titles have multiple clips featured), but Caleb Slain has provided the full list of films from which you can see footage above:
2012 A Late Quartet
2012 The Master
2011 Moneyball
2011 The Ides of March
2010 Jack Goes Boating
2009 The Invention of Lying
2009 Pirate Radio
2009 Mary and Max
2008 Doubt
2008 Synecdoche, New York
2007 Charlie Wilson's War
2007 Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
2007 The Savages
2006 Mission: Impossible III
2005 Capote
2005 Empire Falls (TV Movie)
2004 Along Came Polly
2003 Cold Mountain
2003 Mattress Man Commercial (Video short)
2003 Owning Mahowny
2002 25th Hour
2002 Punch-Drunk Love
2002 Love Liza
2000 Almost Famous
2000 State and Main
1999 The Talented Mr. Ripley
1999 Magnolia
1999 Flawless
1998 Patch Adams
1998 Happiness
1998 The Big Lebowski
1998 Next Stop Wonderland
1998 Montana
1997 Boogie Nights
1996 Twister
1996 Hard Eight
1994 Nobody's Fool
1994 When a Man Loves a Woman
1993 Money for Nothing
1993 My Boyfriend's Back
1992 Scent of a Woman
1992 Leap of Faith
1991 Law & Order

In retrospect, what still really hurts about the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman is the fact that he could have had so many years of brilliance ahead of him. Even if he had retired at the age of 65 we still would have had him around making art for another 20 years, sharing his wonderful gifts the world and working with filmmakers to make their stories that much more powerful and/or funny. It's a tragic death that we will continue to mourn for years.

In remembrance of Philip Seymour Hoffman, hit the comments below to tell us what role you will always remember him for.
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