We’ve been waiting a long, long time for The Incredibles 2. After all, the first film ended with a rather fun hint that we would see further adventures of the Parr family – and yet it’s been more than a decade since the characters have been on the big screen. Thankfully, however, our wait is almost over, as the sequel is now officially in the works over at Pixar Animation Studios.

News of The Incredibles 2 first broke in March of 2014, as Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced that the sequel was in development, but what exactly can we expect to see in the new movie? We’re here to separate the facts from the fiction as the film moves forward, so read on to find out what we know so far!

Brad Bird
The Filmmakers
At this time, The Incredibles 2 is evidently developing without an official director attached, but fans can be assured that the project is in the best creative hands possible. This is because it’s been confirmed that Brad Bird – writer and director of the first movie – is the one who is developing the story for the next film. It’s a return to animation for the filmmaker after both Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Tomorrowland, but it’s also a project we will likely start hearing him talk about a lot more soon. This is because Tomorrowland’s release will have Bird on the press tour this May, and reporters will surely wind up asking him a whole lot of questions about his return to Pixar.

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