The One Incredibles 2 Question That Bob Odenkirk Is Not Allowed To Answer

The Incredibles family

We know very little about Brad Bird's animated sequel The Incredibles 2. Even the first bit of footage that was shared by Pixar Animation Studios recently only revealed that the Parr's youngest, Jack, has powers. While we know that the original cast is coming back to voice their characters, there are some new names in the mix, including the wonderful Bob Odenkirk. When we sat across from the Better Call Saul star as he did press for Steven Spielberg's The Post, we asked him if he was possibly playing a villain in The Incredibles 2. He smiled, and replied:

I'm not going to wreck that. ... I would ruin my part of the movie if I told you, if I answered that question. That is exactly the question I'm not allowed to answer. So think about that. Think about that.

So Bob Odenkirk doesn't say that is he is a villain in Brad Bird's The Incredibles 2. But he also doesn't say that he's NOT a villain, and instead gives the very coy reply that asking him if he's a villain is the very question that he is NOT allowed to answer. If one were to jump to conclusions, one might think this is a confirmation. That, to me, is too easy of a summation for a filmmaker like Brad Bird, who deconstructed the notion of a superhero in The Incredibles and ended up with the meta conclusion that if everyone has superpowers, than no one is truly super.

By all of this, I mean that I wouldn't be surprised if there are no traditional "villains" in The Incredibles 2, and that Bob Odenkirk is voicing something altogether different. Maybe a hero with eyes on Helen Parr (Holly Hunter), making Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) jealous? All we know, based on early reports, is that we will see Elastigirl heading out on new adventures, leaving Mr. Incredible back home to care for Baby Jack and the kids. So it's possible that Odenkirk's role spells out something else about Helen's goals in the sequel. But I'm speculating.

Here is the footage that Pixar recently shared from the sequel:

In addition to Bob Odenkirk, who is an always welcome addition to any ensemble, the upcoming The Incredibles 2 adds Catherine Keener to join John Ratzenberger (playing the Underminer once again), Samuel L. Jackson (playing Frozone once again) and the duo of Sarah Vowell and Huck Milner playing Violet and Dash Parr, respectively. The movie lands in theaters on June 15, 2018. Be sure to bookmark our full 2018 Movie Release Schedule to stay up to date on every movie coming our way.

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