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It’s telling, when Andrew Garfield reflects on his years in the Spider-Man suit, that the best memories he has have nothing at all to do with the actual movies that were made. Rather, they involve opportunities that the role afforded him off the screen… at least, according to the actor’s own words.

Garfield was busy promoting his work on the new drama 99 Homes, but took time while speaking with Uproxx to reflect on the years he spent making The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Marc Webb. The best part about holding down that role? Garfield admits,
The two highlights of the whole Spider-Man time were the two Comic-Cons that I did, where I could just fuck around... I loved me at those! It felt the most authentic version of Spider-Man that I could bring.

Andrew Garfield got a lot of press, and fan-driven goodwill, when he surprised the audience gathered in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con to express to them his heartfelt gratitude for their support in him taking on the role. It was a beautiful speech that came from the heart, one delivered by a life-long Spider-Man fan who seemed stunned that he was being given the keys to the franchise, the ability to wear the mask that was still so very important to him. Watch this and see how enthusiastic Garfield was!

That was 2011. A few years later, Andrew Garfield returned to the Con to help plug Amazing Spider-Man 2, and did the whole panel in character AS Spider-Man. It was fun, but not nearly as innovative or honest and true. Check it out.

And now, his time with the series is over. Andrew Garfield has been replaced by Tom Holland, in an upcoming Spider-Man movie that will "replace" everything that Webb and Sony started over the course of two movies. Marvel will be able to contribute to the formation of the new storyline, and the hero will show up in Captain America: Civil War, due in theaters next summer. I think it’s sad, and all too revealing, that Garfield’s favorite moments in the role happened outside of the movies, when he didn’t have to answer to the corporate overlords who dictated his movements. How do you think Tom Holland were fare in a similar situation?

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