The Golden Globes are always good for a curveball or two. Unlike the Academy Awards, which often go for the safe bet, the Hollywood Foreign Press isn’t afraid to annually throw its weight behind movies or performances that hovered on the fringe in hopes of injecting their television product with a little more excitement. (Even though they already have Ricky Gervais, so how much more excitement do they actually need?)

This morning, a handful of nominations literally made us yell out, sometimes with genuine excitement (way to go, Hateful Eight screenplay nod!) and sometimes with perplexed glee. These are the five best "WTF?" nominations from this year’s Golden Globes awards. And "WTF" doesn’t mean negative. It can also mean, "What the fuck, that’s awesome!" Starting with…

Mad Max
George Miller, Best Director
Mad Max: Fury Road has been popping up on a number of year-end Top 10 lists, from individual critics to full-fledged critical organizations. But we didn’t quite believe that it could be an Oscar contender… until this morning. Make no mistake, Fury Road is a beautifully calibrated muscle picture. But on the surface, it plays like a summer blockbuster. It’s only when you peel away the coarse surface that you reveal all that’s going on in Miller’s latest plunge through the wasteland. In our minds, Miller NEEDS to contend in every Best Director category for what he pulled off. The Globes, this morning, proved they are on our side, and we couldn’t be happier!

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