Over its history, Disney animation has gone in cycles. You have high points, like the classic era that brought us Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio, and the Disney Renaissance that delivered Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. With the recent success that Disney is having with movies like Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, and currently with Zootopia, it feels like we may be going through another strong period of quality Disney animation.

But what about those eras in between? If Disney has high points, that means it also has lows. However, not everything that Disney made in those down stretches is truly bad. When you’ve been making animated features for the better part of a century, even your lesser quality work is better than most attempts. In that spirit, here are ten Disney animated movies that you should give a second look. Or possibly a first.

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The Emperor's New Groove
We’ll start off with one of the most unique films that Disney ever produced. There may not be a movie in Disney’s history that relies so completely on humor as The Emperor’s New Groove. Ultimately, the entire feature is a standard buddy comedy, with John Goodman playing the straight man, peasant Pacha, to David Spade’s self-centered Emperor Kuzco. The true highlight is the other pairing, however, with Patrick Warburton as the dim-witted Krunk, side kick to the delightfully evil Yzma, voiced by the perfectly cast Eartha Kitt. Disney movies always have some humor, but you’d rarely classify one as a straight comedy, though this one you certainly would.

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