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Well we can all stop saying “almost”. The WGA strike is now officially over. Today, as predicted, union officials presented the deal they made to their members, who then voted overwhelmingly to end their walkout, get off the street, and get the hell back to work.

The 100 day walkout had very little affect on anyone outside of Hollywood. We had a few more reruns and missed out on the boredom of the Golden Globes. Reality television filled in the gaps and people happily watched fat people on teeter totters on The Biggest Loser or enjoyed seeing skinny dudes get pummeled by roided out freaks on American Gladiators.

The strike may be done with, but it could still have some impact down the road. Most of your favorite shows will either be forced to do shorter seasons or skip a season altogether. Otherwise though, it’s everything back to normal. The Academy Awards will happen as usual (and so will Cinema Blend’s oscar chat). Pretty soon we may even find out what the heck that smoke monster thingy is on Lost. The strike is over. Let’s never speak of this again… at least until SAG strikes this summer. Doh.

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