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Black Panther 2 Star Hopping From Wakanda To Gotham For New Batman Project
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The Flash Movie Shuts Down Filming Due To On-Location Accident

Ezra Miller's Flash movie finally started filming, but production has halted after an injury.

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Ben Affleck's Batman Has A New Ride In The Flash Set Video

Ben Affleck’s Batman will be getting around Gotham City differently in The Flash.

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How Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Approached Voicing Batman For The Long Halloween Movies

Jensen Ackles is the latest in a long line of actors to play Batman.

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Could The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Still Play Batman In A Flashpoint Movie? Here’s What He Said

Jeffrey Dean Morgan discusses the possibility of playing Batman in a Flashpoint movie.

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DC's Animated Injustice Movie Has Cast A Smallville Alum, Star Trek: Discovery Star And More

Batman and Superman's clash in Injustice: Gods Among Us is being adapted for DC animation.

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The Suicide Squad Reveals Another Batman Villain In New Video

Another foe of Gotham City’s Dark Knight has been confirmed for The Suicide Squad.

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Titans Season 3 Trailer Gets Hype With Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, Scarecrow And More

OMG, Titans is going hard on one of the best Batman stories out there, with 100% more Tiger Beast Boy.

6 Michael Keaton Batman-Era Easter Eggs I Want To See In Ezra Miller's Flash Movie

The Flash has an opportunity to bring some serious Batman nostalgia to the table.

Michael Keaton's 8 Best Batman Moments Ahead Of The Flash

Many still believe that Michael Keaton was the Batman. We have eight reasons to support that claim

Of Course, There Are Tons Of Harry Potter Tattoos, But I'm Surprised By Some Of The Other Movies That Have Inspired The Most Ink
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What The 1989 Batman Cast Is Doing Now, Including Michael Keaton

What has Michael Keaton done in the 30-plus years since declaring he is Batman?

Why Justice League Fans Are Upset About ‘Slight’ They Feel Warner Bros. Made To Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill
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Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne Returns In New Set Photos From Ezra Miller's The Flash

The Flash set photos have provided a glimpse of Michael Keaton's fan-favorite character.

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Batman: Caped Crusader: 5 Things We Know About The HBO Max And Cartoon Network Series

Batman returns to an animated Gotham City on Batman: Caped Crusader

Zack Snyder Has A NSFW Response To The Batman Debate About Oral Sex

The internet has been ablaze over debate regarding Batman's possible Cunnilingus, and Zack Snyder's response was A+.

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Titans Season 3 First Trailer Immediately References The Joker's Arrival For A Death In The Family Arc

Titans is back for Season 3, and this first trailer is already teasing one character's impending death.

Jensen Ackles’ Batman Faces Off With David Dastmalchian’s Calendar Man in Exclusive Long Halloween Clip

The first half of Batman: The Long Halloween's animated adaptation is arriving soon!

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The Sexual Batman And Catwoman Moment In Kaley Cuoco's Harley Quinn TV Show That DC Shot Down

Harley Quinn may look like the writers can get away with anything, but apparently that's not the case where Batman is concerned.

Liam Neeson Recalled Performing A ‘Frightening’ Stunt For Batman Begins, And Now I’m Shaking
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