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Netflix has released its numbers for Sweet Tooth but it's still not beating Bridgerton, at least for now.

Will Robert Downey Jr. Appear In Netflix’s Sweet Tooth? Nonso Anozie Talks Who He Should Play

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Here's what comic creator Jeff Lemire told us about change made to the hit Netflix drama Sweet Tooth.

Why Sweet Tooth's Gus And Other Hybrids Needed To Be Cute For Netflix Series, According To Susan Downey

Netflix's Sweet Tooth is winning over audiences with its epic tale and its adorable characters.

Sweet Tooth Cast: Where You've Seen The Netflix Actors Before

Netflix's Sweet Tooth has a super-talented cast populating the dark comic book adventure.

9 Spectacular Shows Appearing On Netflix June 2021

Netflix has a lot of promising shows on the way in June.

Robert Downey Jr. On How Netflix's Sweet Tooth Will Be Different From The Comics

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey explain how Netflix's Sweet Tooth differs from Jeff Lemire's comic series.

Robert Downey Jr. And Will Forte's New Netflix Show Sweet Tooth Drops Epic First Trailer

Based on the acclaimed DC/Vertigo series, Netflix's new drama Sweet Tooth looks bonkers.

Robert Downey Jr. And Arrow Showrunner Are Teaming Up For Netflix Comic Book TV Show
Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth Coming To ModNation Racers

Question: What does a publisher enjoy more than selling downloadable content? Answer: Selling downloadable content that promotes another one of their games!

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