Netflix Revealed Sweet Tooth's Season 2 Renewal To The Cast In The Best Way

gus smiling outside his house in sweet tooth season 1
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With Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey as part of the spearheading team of creatives, Netflix's adaptation of Jeff Lemire's post-apocalyptic comic book Sweet Tooth was a treat for the eyes, ears, and brains of viewers around the world. Christian Convery's half-deer hybrid Gus and Nonso Anozie's Tommy Jepperd struck a chord with fans, as did other characters, and Season 1 ended in a way that made a second season explicitly necessary, considering all the cliffhangers laid out. So it's worthy of much celebration that Netflix has renewed Sweet Tooth for Season 2, and the announcement video is adorably perfect.

Check out the Sweet Tooth Season 2 announcement video that Netflix posted on Twitter, in which most of the main cast members learn about the new season in the most delicious of ways.

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After seeing this, I kinda think all important announcements and decisions should be made public via giant chocolate bars. What better way to get a notice that your electric company is turning the power off than by a giant candy saying as much? Or for a lawyer to hand out massive chocolate subpoenas. Sure, most of those messages would probably just melt under the hot ass sun, but that's probably not as much of a negative when it comes to bills and subpoenas. In any case, the characters in Sweet Tooth doesn't really need to worry about all that, even though they all have other very specific dangers and concerns to tend to. But this isn't the time for spoilers! Unless those spoilers were covered in peanut butter and built upon a foundation of wafers, I guess.

While a renewal message like this probably wouldn't make much sense for the cast of, say, Outer Banks or Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, but it's a spot-on way to reference Gus' growing taste for all things candy, particularly of the choco-variety. Not that every single Sweet Tooth character is quite as fascinated by the sugary treats as Gus is, but I suppose it's not so hard to believe that everyone shown likes chocolate well enough. Power to Stefania LaVie Owen for taking a big honking bite out of the corner of the bar like that, as I'd probably be too afraid of dislocating my jaw.

Now let's earnestly start up some more speculation about Robert Downey Jr. potentially taking on a role in Sweet Tooth Season 2, either as a new character or as someone from Jeff Lemire's comic book. Granted, the TV show has changed up quite a bit of the source material's storylines, in mostly pleasing ways, so it's hard to tell where Downey might fit in. But suffice to say, everyone would make room for him.

Obviously, Sweet Tooth Season 2 doesn't yet have a date locked down for when it will premiere on Netflix, seeing as how nothing has presumably been filmed yet outside of the chocolate-heavy announcement. Thankfully, there are lots of A+ shows to catch up with in the meantime, which you can find via our 2021 Summer TV schedule and our Fall TV schedule.

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