Ready For Sweet Tooth Season 2 On Netflix? Watch The Cast (And Bobby) Celebrating The End Of Filming And The ‘Amazing Adventure’ To Come

Gus on top of a pile of toilet paper in Sweet Tooth
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Adaptations can be hit or miss in any genre, and as a huge fan of Jeff Lemire's dark and complex comic series Sweet Tooth, I'll admit to worrying about the Robert Downey Jr. And Susan Downey's live-action take for Netflix. But then director and showrunner Jim Mickle and the rest of the stellar creative team knocked it out of the park, and Christian Convery's Gus is adorbalorbs (necessarily so), and we need Season 2 as soon as possible! But for now, the joyous and lightly teasy cast video below will have to suffice. 

As part of its Geeked Week promotion, Netflix released a video of Sweet Tooth’s central cast members celebrating the end of Season 2’s filming, along with some general hype about what fans can expect to see when the show picks back up again with Gus, Big Man, Aimee, Wendy and the rest. And by the rest, you KNOW I’m talking ‘bout Bobby and his cute-ass self.  Check it out!

After watching, would everyone else agree that seeing Bobby’s puppeteers at work does nothing to dissipate the li’l munchkin’s endearing nature. I kind of want to say, “I want a Bobby,” but I feel like that would be problematic within the scope of the story. And yet…

Anyway, given the narrative parameters of Sweet Tooth's post-apocalyptic settings, the show is no meager undertaking, so it's understandable that it takes time to get things filmed, and that Season 2 didn’t arrive six weeks after the first season wrapped on its downer of a cliffhanger. (Despite such logic, I’m still partial to blaming Neil Sandilands’ General Abbot for causing things to take longer than necessary, because that dude is effective at destroying good things and/or hope.) Fans can no doubt live vicariously through the cast and crew in their jubilation that Season 2 became one step closer to reaching its audience. 

Sandilands popped up in the video to say that fans are in “for a treat,” but if he’s coming at things from an Abbot-tainted perspective, that probably means it’s doomsday for the Hybrids. Which, to be fair, was already implied when the story closed out its first live-action chapter.

I’m all about Sweet Tooth’s promotional campaign leaning into behind-the-scenes fun, since it just helps make the show and its characters’ relationships feel all the more heartwarming. The producers alerted the cast that Netflix had renewed the series for Season 2 by sending everyone chocolate bars with the message written in the candy. Easily the best way to deliver any kind of message, so if Netflix wants to send one out to everyone who watched Season 1 to let us know when to expect more, I’d like that a choco-lot. (I know Gus or Wendy would have giggled at that, I just know it.) 

Sweet Tooth Season 2 will be heading to Netflix subscribers at some point in the near future, with no telling just yet when it’ll arrive, given the “Coming Soon” wording in the promo. Until then, check out everything on the way in Netflix’s 2022 premiere schedule.

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