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Before he steps into the role as Penguin, take a trip down movie memory lane with these Colin Farrell movies streaming online.

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The Best Movies Streaming For Free On Vudu Right Now

Vudu has free movies. Lots and lots of free movies.

11 Keanu Reeves Movies Available For Streaming Right Now

Love Keanu Reeves? Here's where you can stream some of the A-list star's biggest movies.

12 Movies To Stream If You Like The Matrix

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How You Can Watch Trolls For Free Ahead Of Trolls World Tour
Movie News
The 10 Best Free Movies Online And Where To Watch Them

Yes, streaming services that offer free movies to watch online do exist! But what are the best to choose from?

How To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows Online: The Best Legal Streaming Services
Why Cutting The Cord Is Easier Than Ever In 2019

Now's the perfect time to cut the cord and dive head first into the world of streaming.

Mr. Mom Is Getting A TV Sequel

Just when you thought every 1980s movie had already been brought out for a remake, here comes Mr. Mom.

What Streaming Service To Join: A Full Analysis Of Your Options

Which are the streaming services paving the way for the future? What are their individual pluses and minuses? How do they function as libraries, in addition to providing original content? We’ve broken all of that down in this handy guide, so read on!

NBC's Smash Pilot Available Online, Coming To Hulu Soon

If you've watched anything on NBC during the past several months, you've almost certainly seen adds for their upcoming behind-the-scenes-of-Broadway series Smash. It's no surprise NBC is going all-in on their marketing push, since it's got no less than Steven Spielberg attached as an executive producer. Jonathan gave us his reactions to the pilot yesterday, and it sounds like this is a show that will definitely be worth your time if you're at all interested in the subject matter.

Walmart Integrates VUDU Streaming Service Into Their Website

Continuing the full-court press from all sides to try and dethrone Netflix, Walmart has announced that they have "fully integrated" their VUDU streaming service with their website, So what the hell does that mean, exactly?
Now customers will be able to stream movies and TV shows they buy or rent from directly on the site at

Wal-Mart's Vudu Service Adds First Seasons Of Glee And Modern Family

The battle for your on-demand video dollar continues. Wal-Mart's entry into the race is its Vudu service, which allows you to choose from a large catalogue of high-def new releases and shows to rent or own. Now, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Vudu is expanding its selection of TV content with the first seasons of hit shows Glee and Modern Family.

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