How You Can Watch Trolls For Free Ahead Of Trolls World Tour

Trolls 2020 poster justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick

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By now, we all know Universal is embarking on an experiment to make the 2020 sequel to Trolls, Trolls World Tour, available on Video On Demand in lieu of theatrical access for viewers. The experiment is happening just in time for Easter weekend, but in addition, some fans will actually be able to watch Trolls for free ahead of Trolls World Tour.

In what they call a two-fer, Vudu has a deal going where if you pre-order Trolls World Tour ahead of this weekend’s release, you’ll ultimately get a copy of Trolls to rent. I know a lot of people’s kids saw Trolls when it came out back in 2016. However, there’s a whole new generation of kids that have grown up enough to sit still and watch a full movie since then. I'm also a person who is always going to advocate seeing the first movie before you see the second, so offering the original movie early isn’t a bad idea at all.

Separately, Fandango’s also currently offering a deal where Dreamworks movies are 50% off if you pre-order Trolls World Tour, so if your kids are tired of watching Frozen II – or you’re tired of watching them watch it – this weekend offers a good opportunity to plunk them down in front of a TV during their screentime and try something new.

Obviously, the Vudu deal is more ideal if you are wanting to marathon Trolls and Trolls World Tour over the weekend. However, Dreamworks has a slew of good movies, including all the How To Train Your Dragon films, Abominable, The Croods and more, so there are honestly various options you can go with if you are planning on checking out Trolls World Tour anyway.

Is Trolls Available Streaming? 

The original Trolls is not currently on a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon, so streaming it for free with one of these deals is really the next best thing, although it should be noted that Netflix has a lot of Dreamworks' other TV content. Trolls Holiday and Trolls: The Beat Goes On are both available on Netflix for example.

There’s been a dearth of new entertainment on the movies front over the past several weeks and Trolls World Tour will be the first major movie release in a while, although this kind of pre-theatrical formatting is still in the experimental phase. Meanwhile, a lot of releases that were in theaters before they shut down have gone to other platforms.

Flicks like Bloodshot, The Invisible Man, and The Way Back are also on VOD early whereas Pixar’s latest family-friendly movie Onward is currently available on Disney+ and bringing all the feels.

In addition to all of these options, the Trolls World Tour soundtrack, which is heavy on the Justin Timberlake, dropped a few weeks ago, so while you wait for the Trolls World Tour release, there are a lot of Trolls-adjacent activities available. There’s even going to be a Twitter watch party. The possibilities are endless. Catch the new movie starting on April 10 or if you don't want to shell out the cash, the new soundtrack is already on Tidal.

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