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Alicia Silverstone Talks Clueless, Batman And Robin, Bad Therapy And Life Outside Film

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Mention the name “Alicia Silverstone” and a handful of roles likely leap to mind. Cher, naturally, as Clueless helped put Silverstone on the map. But she also played Batgirl during a time when superhero movies were finding their way. She broke onto the scene as The Crush, and even went by “that Aerosmith chick” thanks to gigs in two music videos by the rock and roll icons.

Just, don’t ever call her that!

That’s one thing we learned this week when Alicia Silverstone joined the ReelBlend podcast to talk up her latest film, Bad Therapy. In the drama, based on a bizarre true story, she and Rob Corddry play a married couple going through a rough patch who invite an experimental therapist into their home… with disasterous results.

Silverstone’s career has been anything BUT disastrous, though. Especially lately. After getting into Bad Therapy, and the work she does on it, we touch on her recent turns in Yorgos Lanthimos movies, her ability to play a mom in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise, and more.

Enjoy this bonus episode of ReelBlend with Alicia Silverstone!

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