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Earlier this year, Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood got handed a five-year jail sentence for drug possession. Following numerous arrests, second and even third chances, the court finally had enough, and it put its justice boot squarely in her ass. Not long after however, the judge reconsidered and decided to give her one final chance to finish a drug treatment program and get her life back on track. Let the record show that opportunity was completely wasted.

I’m not quite sure what rock bottom looks like, but what happened in court today definitely qualifies. According to TMZ, Portwood decided to turn off the filter and let it rip unedited, admitting she hasn’t stayed clean, has repeatedly ignored the advice given and doesn’t have any intention of avoiding drugs in the future. While her poor lawyer looked on in horror, the mother advised the court to send her to jail because she’s a “bad girl” and will always be as much. Not surprisingly, the judge complied with her wish.

Remember that scene in Shawshank Redemption where Red, after years of failed hearings, lets the parole board have it with a long speech? This was reportedly kind of like that except for the whole part where a lesson was actually learned.

I don’t know if Teen Mom contributed at all to Ambert Portwood’s downfall, but clearly, the reality star has systematically destroyed her life over the past few years. She really does need a long jail sentence to sort things out. Hopefully, whenever she does get out, she can be the mother her child deserves.

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