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Sarah Jessica Parker has heels on the brain. The famous Sex and the City star is well-known for sprinting about The City in purposeful and beautiful heels, both on television and in real life. She’s worn them so often, in fact, that her feet are deformed from the lovely shoes, but that hasn’t stopped the actress from putting together a line of heels and flats with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus.

The collaboration has resulted in SJP, a brand new line of shoes, handbags, and even some trench coats that will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom beginning after the New Year (which means we still have a while to wait to see what aesthetic her line will offer). According to Vogue, “simple” and “elegant” are the tenets of the new line, with shoes running between $200 and $300 and bags costing quite a bit more at $700 a pop.

Nordstrom’s never been knowing for poor quality or cheap production, but Sarah Jessica Parker is making a pretty big gamble when assuming fans will want to shell out that kind of money for her first product right out of the gate. There’s a good chance that Carrie Bradshaw’s taste and George Malkemus’ name will help to sell shoes for her, but if not, the items will likely end up on Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale rack. We’ll definitely reserve any judgment until we get some pictures of the new line, however. SJP shoes could very well be worth every penny—and maybe even deformed feet.

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