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Remember like ten years ago when something crazy would happen on television and you would need to wait until the next day to talk to your friends about it? Well, those days are gone thanks to Twitter. Now, when the world collectively reacts to something goofy, horrifying or beautiful, all you need to do is check your Twitter feed to find out what others are thinking. Halfway through the Emmys, the world is sounding off on the service, and let the record show, everyone seems to be talking about one specific thing: Will Arnett’s skin.

The funnyman showed up to the Emmys looking like he fell asleep in a tanning bed, and while Ryan Seacrest and company shut their mouths about it on the red carpet, non-famous observers weren’t so kind. You can take a look at a random sampling of the aggression below…

Here’s the thing about the red carpet. The goal for women might be to stand out in a fun, exciting and beautiful way, but the goal for men is simply to blend in. An overwhelming majority of the time men are talked about on Fashion Police, it’s for a hideous mistake, not for looking good.

Arnett was on hand to promote his new CBS show The Millers. No doubt most observers would have rather he been there to announce a reconciliation with his ex-wife Amy Poehler, but we can’t always get what we want-- like normal looking skin.

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