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It's getting hot in here... and the "here" I'm referring to is Nelly's current financial situation. The rap star has found himself in hot water recently after news broke that he is over $2 million in debt to the IRS, but his fans have a plan to help Nelly out through the power of music.

After TMZ reported the news of Nelly's whopping $2.4 million in federal debt on Sunday, fans immediately showed support as the hashtag #SaveNelly began trending on Twitter. But how could they save Nelly? The answer came in a clever Spin headline, which calculated the number of times a Nelly song would have to be streamed for the artist to earn the exact amount of money he owes. Given that only a fraction of a fraction of a cent goes to a musician with each song stream on Spotify, that number turned out to be 287,176,547 streams. A difficult task, but one to scare away the Nelly diehards!

Based on that idea, the website appeared to help facilitate the streaming process. The site offers visitors a playlist consisting solely of Nelly's hit single "Hot In Herre" added 200 times, so that fans can simply hit play and begin a 12 hour and 40 minute block of "Hot In Herre." That'll be sure to bringing you back to every high school or middle school dance you ever went to.

The site also offers a ticker that keeps track of how many more streams Nelly needs in order to reach Spin's estimate. After a couple days online, fans have only made about a 3,000 stream debt in the gargantuan total according to the ticker, although it would seem that the site is only counting plays from its embedded playlist and not overall Nelly streams on Spotify, so it may not be the best indicator. As more of an "E.I." man myself, I can say that I've done my part but not by streaming "Hot In Herre" specifically.

Released in 2002, "Hot In Herre" is the most successful and popular single of Nelly's career, launching him from local St. Louis phenom to one of the buzziest names in rap. Of course, you don't just have to stream "Hot In Herre" to do your part in the #SaveNelly mission. Early hits like "Country Grammar," "Ride Wit Me," and "E.I." totally stand up, even 15 years later, or you can indulge in some more recent, top 40s Nelly hits, like "Just a Dream," his Tim McGraw collaboration "Over & Over," or his Kelly Rowland duet "Dilemma."

A look back at Nelly's discography really should show you how much the rapper has given us over the years, so now it's time to do our part!

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