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The undisputed Princess of Pop has been really hustling lately. Britney Spears released her ninth studio album Glory in August, and has been doing appearances and performances basically non stop since. Brit had a pretty serious schedule last week, as she went overseas to perform a 90 minute set at London's Roundhouse Festival. In addition to dancing her ass of in the televised performance (seriously, go check it out on iTunes), she also did a bunch of talk show appearances across the pond. Britney doesn't do a ton of late night appearances even in the U.S., so this was an exciting moments for her fans- especially since U.K. hosts tend to get more personality and silliness out of the singer.

This is exactly what happened when Britney went on The Jonathan Ross Show, as he played a variety of silly games. As a consequence for losing one of said games, Britney had to inhale helium and sing a few bars for the live studio audience. Needless to say, hilarity ensued- check it out:

Honestly, how adorable is she?

After losing the game of "Forfeit Tennis", Britney was asked to take a big gulp of helium and sing a song of her choice. While the general public was probably anticipating a few bars of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" (aka one of her most infamous hits in regards to her unique singing voice), she threw us all for a loop by neglecting her catalogue. Instead, she sang Taylor Swift's nauseatingly catchy "Shake It Off", much to the joy of the live studio audience.

While this clip is adorable and fun, you can almost feel Britney Spears' discomfort in having to do something so silly, especially live. The majority of Britney's press appearances to advertise Glory and her show in Las Vegas have been prerecorded. While this is helpful for her very busy schedule, it's also likely much more comfortable for the singer who has lived her entire life in the public eye.

Jonathan Ross did a few other cute bits with Britney Spears, in an attempt to get the pop star out of her head and having fun. One of the more successful segments was the two playing a game of "Never Have I Ever", because who doesn't love that game? Check it out.

Now that's some real personality! While Britney Spears was essentially mute during this segment, Jonathan Ross did get her to loosen up during the game, especially with the final question. As soon as the subject of on stage flatulation was brought up, Britney instantly felt the guilt that comes with a secret being outed. She's definitely passed some gas while performing, which mathematically makes sense considering how long she's been touring. We saw Britney's genuine embarrassment here, which made for a great viewing experience.

Glory is currently available anywhere music is sold, featuring an impressive 17 new songs.

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