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alex rodriguez on the view abc

Both Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have well-documented love lives, and now their worlds are coming together. Rodriguez visited The View today for the show's weekly Guy Day Friday. The panel asked Rodriguez about J. Lo to kick off the hot topics segment of the show, and in response, the former professional baseball player gushed about his new squeeze. Here is some of what he had to say about Jennifer Lopez:

We're having a great time. She's an amazing, amazing girl---one of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother.

The View's Sara Haines joked that she reads and believes everything about Jennifer Lopez in the tabloids, so on behalf of everyone everywhere, she asked if Alex Rodriguez could reveal anything new about the Shades of Blue actress. Rodriguez was respectful, saying Lopez would kill him if he said too much about her. Still, he dished out a few mundane details. He reminded us that Lopez was a track star in school and that she is "an awesome athlete." Perhaps the most "revealing" thing he mentioned was that Jennifer Lopez likes chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip ice cream. Well played, A. Rod. Way to keep a lid on it.

Earlier this year, the paparazzi spotted Alex Rodriguez together with Jennifer Lopez in a suite watching a Yankees exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles. Rodriguez began working as a guest instructor for the Yankees this year after the team released him with a year left on his 10-year contract worth $275 million. He was there fulfilling his guest instructor duties. Jennifer Lopez was there because she is Jennifer Lopez, and J. Lo can do whatever she wants without question.

It is not the first time Alex Rodriguez has had a connection with a lady in Hollywood. In 2008, when Alex Rodriguez separated from his wife at the time, she made allegations of infidelity that some media sources tried to connect to Madonna, with whom Rodriguez had spent time. Madonna issued a statement that she was not romantically involved with him and had nothing to do with his separation. Afterward, however, Rodriguez did date Kate Hudson and then Cameron Diaz.

Jennifer Lopez allegedly also dated some people in the past.

Although we ultimately respect Alex Rodriguez's decision not to speak in depth about Jennifer Lopez, we secretly wish he would have. Now we are left wondering whether or not J. Lo will chime in on their involvement. Because Jennifer Lopez is a queen who owes no explanations for anything she ever does or says, she might not field any questions about A. Rod for a while. On the other hand, Lopez is a pretty open and honest celebrity. For example, back in 2015 she endured Wendy Williams's Hot Seat segment and gave straightforward answers to questions like whether or not she's hooked up with an ex. It will be interesting to see if she brings up Rodriguez in interviews anytime soon.