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Yesterday, Beyoncé honored the ninth anniversary of her wedding to Jay-Z in a classic Beyoncé way--with a montage of vintage home videos set to a snippet of her music. Beyoncé shared the video clip, which features the track "Die With You," with her hundreds of millions of followers across social media. The sentimental tribute reflects on the romantic journey of music's royal duo. Give it a look, below.

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Beyoncé posted the tribute video to her Instagram account, which also includes adorable photos to mark the occasion. One Instagram photo shows Beyoncé and her husband's hands (and matching tattoos), while another shows a shadow of them holding hands. Of course, Beyoncé is a master of all things social media. After all, she has nearly 100 million followers on Instagram alone. Plus, she has had a lot of practice putting together other lovey-dovey clips--not to mention Grammy-winning "visual albums". For example, after Beyoncé and Jay-Z put a ring on it on April 4, 2008, Queen Bey announced their nuptials in a beautiful video for the promotions of the I Am . . . Sasha Fierce era.

Since marrying, the couple has weathered ups and downs. They welcomed their first child, daughter Blue Ivy on January 7, 2012. They endured a media storm surrounding an elevator spat between Jay-Z and Beyoncé's sister, Solange, in 2013. Then there were infidelity claims that led to Beyoncé's sixth studio album, Lemonade, which explored the range of human emotions she felt in the wake of those allegations. Much like that album, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's personal life seems to have charged forward with forgiveness and recommitment, giving Beyoncé room to do things like break the internet by announcing that she and Jay-Z are expecting twins. So, after the emotional Lemonade, this video is a fun reminder of the most joyful aspects of their relationship.

The clip is but a preview of a longer video available on Tidal, and it includes a handful of memories Beyoncé apparently handpicked from her collection of vintage-style home videos. Beyoncé flashes back to Jay-Z and herself cruising in a car. Then she twirls giddily on some high-end street with a Dior store in the background. The couple also enjoys a steamy pool at night. Beyoncé lets us revisit the engagement and the ring, the matching "IV" ring-finger tattoos, as well as the wedding ceremony. We get to see her pregnant belly and the hospital bed where Blue Ivy was born. There are a lot of Bey-and-Jay smooches. There are a lot of flawless backdrops and vacation scenes. Finally, we see the cutest shot of all, Blue Ivy giving lipstick kisses to the Queen's pregnant belly and the twins inside.

That precious shot of Blue Ivy giving Beyoncé's belly kisses happens toward the end of the clip, but it's worth the wait. Blue Ivy sure is growing up quickly, don't you think? We are thrilled that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are back on track and doing well these days, and after seeing this video, we're even more excited for the big day when the world will meet the twins.