Watch Will Smith Perform His New St. Patrick's Day Song

Will Smith keeps himself busier as an actor than as a musician these days, but he'll belt out a tune if the right moment calls for it. That's exactly what happened on St. Patrick's Day. Decked out in more bright green than the Chicago River, Smith unveiled his newest single on Saturday and you can take a look in all its green glory.

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The Instagram post was certainly one festive way to preview his newest single, presumably (but not yet officially) titled "Freak Accident." The poppy video is captioned "DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Happy St. Patrick's Day," and it finds Will Smith apologetically recounting an awkward drunken affair in a green kilt, knee-high socks, a green jacket and a plaid cap. Honestly, the only thing he was missing was a bagpipe to seal the deal. But there's no denying Smith celebrated the holiday in style.

There's no word yet regarding Will Smith debuting a new album, though his new tune suggests one might be arriving sooner than later. If Smith is releasing another album, it would be his first since 2005's Lost and Found. That is one of four studio CDS attached to his name as a musician, including 1997's Big Willie Style, 1999's Willennium and 2002's Born to Reign. He also had a greatest hits compilation album released back in 2002, as well.

There's more reason to believe another batch of tunes could come from Will Smith soon. Last year, in August, Will Smith unveiled "Get It," his first single in over 10 years, with DJ Jazzy Jeff. The EDM song wasn't exactly Smith's finest hour, admittedly, but it was another sign of Smith's growing interest to return to music-making. Now, with this newest St Paddy's Day-released single, we're getting closer and closer to seeing the return of Big Willie Style.

Will Smith has also been known to do impromptu performances of his popular songs in the right moments. For instance, a few years ago, the musician gave the enthusiastic audience (and the viewers at home) of The Late Show with David Letterman a random-but-welcome surprise rendition of "Gettin Jiggy With It." While Smith doesn't provide new songs for his movies anymore -- something he was criticized for not doing (and got flustered about) for Suicide Squad (though would it really have made the movie better?) -- but making music is something the former Fresh Prince is willing to do again. We'll be on the lookout for any music news from Smith.

Meanwhile, as an actor, Will Smith was last seen in Netflix's Bright. He'll also appear as the Genie in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin. Should we expect to hear a fresh tune from Smith during that new movie? Don't rule it out yet, apparently.

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