Will Ferrell Rushed To The Hospital After A Serious Car Accident

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Will Ferrell is known to make us laugh, but he was in a very serious situation last night. The Saturday Night Live veteran was driving in his SUV when his car was flipped over in a two-car accident on Thursday night. He was rushed to the hospital, along with two others, for treatment. Thankfully, it is reported that the actor was released from the hospital on Friday morning and that he had no significant injuries, despite what happened.

Will Ferrell was in the chauffeur-driven SUV, along with two other passengers, on the I-15 freeway in Orange County around 11 PM when their car was side-swiped by another moving vehicle, according to witnesses on the scene. Ferrell was on his way back from a Funny or Die event in San Diego where, naturally, he played his legendary character, Ron Burgandy. TMZ says the Anchorman actor is doing well now. At the time, however, it was unclear what injuries he received from the traumatic ordeal. There is a paparazzi photo of Will Ferrell speaking on the phone as firefighters were loading the comedic actor onto a stretcher to take him to the hospital, which suggests that he was in moderately stable condition at the time of the accident.

It's not clear, however, what condition the other passengers are in at this time. A witness on the scene claims an unidentified woman in Will Ferrell's vehicle was bleeding profusely on the scene, and she was in considerably more critical condition than the actor. Additional updates are limited at this time. It's also not determined what caused the accident, but there were open beer bottles seen on the road after the SUV was pulled upright. It's currently unclear where the bottles came from; they could've been from either vehicle or simply litter. And the police haven't said if alcohol played a factor in the accident.

We'll keep you posted on any additional info. In the meantime, however, we wish a safe and speedy recovery to everyone involved in this accident.

Will Ferrell was last seen in last summer's The House and last fall's Daddy's Home Two. He also recently returned to Saturday Night Live for a hosting gig. He'll next be seen in Holmes and Watson, a humorous take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle character, which reunites Ferrell with his Talladega Nights and Step Brothers co-star John C. Reilly. It is also written and directed by his Get Hard director, Etan Cohen. Ferrell also filmed a role in James Franco's adaptation of Zeroville, though it's unclear if -- or when -- that movie will see the light of day. Though, of course, the focus is on his condition.

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