Will Ferrell’s Holmes & Watson Is Building An Impressive Cast

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly proved they have pretty great chemistry in comedies like Step Brothers and Talladega Knights, so a film where the two of them play one of the most iconic duos in history seems like a no brainer. Reilly and Ferrell will share the screen once again in Holmes & Watson, a comedic take on detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. If you needed more reason to be interested, then the comedy is already building up an impressive cast to support the title heroes.

Last week Lauren Lapkus joined the cast as a woman with enough intelligence to match even Sherlock Holmes, and now Deadline reports that three more have joined the cast. The additions will be playing new takes on classic Sherlock Holmes characters, as well as one original character that has been added to the mix.

Rebecca Hall

First up is Rebecca Hall as Dr. Grace Hart, the first female doctor to practice in London. You'll probably recognize Hall best from her role in Iron Man 3, as Maya Hansen, the former flame of Tony Stark and the creator of Extremis. Hall has held a number of high-profile supporting roles in films like The Town and The Prestige. She's just coming off performing the lead in Christine, which is getting some buzz for the awards season.

Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon has been cast as Scotland Yard head Inspector Lestrade, a stalwart in the Sherlock Holmes mythology. Frequently an ally to Holmes and Watson, he brings them in on cases too difficult for his police force- sometimes as his own expense. Experienced in both drama and comedy, Brydon can be seen in movies like The Trip, Cinderella, and most recently, The Huntsman: Winters War.

Kelly MacDonald

Finally, Kelly MacDonald has joined the cast as another Holmes staple. MacDonald will play Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper of Holmes and Watson's infamous residence at 221B Baker Street. MacDonald has primarily starred in dramas, which include Trainspotting, No Country For Old Men, and an episode in the second season of Netflix's Black Mirror.

So, a pretty good cast all around! Will Ferrell will take on the role of Sherlock Holmes while John C. Reilly plays Dr. Watson. Holmes & Watson was written and will be directed by Etan Cohen (Get Hard) and is scheduled for a release sometime in 2018.

Matt Wood

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