Countess Luann De Lesseps' Arrest Video Has Leaked, And It's Wild

The details surrounding Luann de Lesseps' infamous arrest in Palm Beach, FL on Christmas Eve haven't been kept a secret. While The Real Housewives Of New York star has said she is deeply "embarrassed" by the incident, she hasn't kept mum about what happened and how she's hoping to improve herself since that mortifying holiday jail time. But we've only been given the details from both The Countess herself and the news reports. We haven't seen any footage of the public arrest .. until now. The arrest video leaked online, and let us tell you, it's pretty wild stuff. Luann de Lesseps isn't a quiet drunk. You can take a look, below.

The Countess doesn't even get arrested casually. It's an event. In any case, while Luann de Lesseps' arrest video isn't too crazy compared to, say, a Shia LaBeouf arrest for public intoxication, it's still pretty wild. As it waspreviously reported, Luann de Lesseps' behavior included slamming a door, kicking a police officer and threatening to kill onlookers, allegedly. While Luann isn't seen kicking or slamming, here, she does threaten to kill an officer, which only makes things worse for the drunken reality TV star. Luann was ultimately charged with disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest, battery of an officer, and making threats against a public servant. Not the best way to spend Christmas Eve, in our opinion. Nor is it The Countess' either.

Since this intoxicated ordeal, Luann de Lesseps has worked hard to turn her life around. She checked into rehab and apologized to her fans and followerson social media, admitting that this incident does not reflect her "core values" and her "law abiding character." She also opened up recently about her alcohol dependency, admitting that she went from a casual drinker to drinking at least seven drinks a day last year. The increased drinking habit became more pronounced when she separated from her husband, Tom D'Agostino Jr., which allegedly pushed the reality TV star into her most recent rough patch. The year 2018 has been treating the Countess better, however. Right now, de Lesseps is not drinking, nor is she smoking, and she claims she lost at least eight pounds in the process. Luann is also practicing yoga and other forms of self-medication. She also recently unveiled a new cabaret show, #CountessAndFriends, in Manhattan earlier this year, where she discussed her time spent in jail in good humored fashion.

It won't be long before you see The Countess on your TV again either, as she recently returned to filming for another season of the hit Bravo series. She'll talk about her arrest scandal, we're absolutely certain, so we'll hear more about it soon.

Will Ashton

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