Drake And Cavelier Player Kendrick Perkins Got Into A Scuffle On The Court, And There's Video

Thanks to Drake, Tristan Thompson isn't the only Cavaliers player in the hot seat at the moment. Indeed, center Kendrick Perkins recently found himself in a courtside dispute with the "Hotline Bling" musician, a well-known Raptors fan. In an altercation that was not only filled with foul-mouth hostility but also caught on video, it very quickly found its way onto the Internet, as you'd expect in the age of smart phones. As you can see below, the athlete and rapper were not playing nice after the game, and even with all the people surrounding them, they weren't afraid to hash it out and let their argument find public attention.

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Unfortunately, the whole debacle isn't seen (or heard too well) in this video, although The New York Post has a breakdown of what exactly happened between these arguing celebrities. Around halftime, Kendrick Perkins was reportedly talking to his teammate Serge Ibanka when Drake entered the picture and started "talking shit" to the athlete. Perkins wasn't going to stand around and let Drake call him out, so he threw some words of his own back to the musician. That only escalated the tensions between the two, particularly towards the end of the game. The hostilities rose when the Caveliers won 113-112 in overtime in Tuesday's game, which resulted in the courtside argument that eventually made its way to the tunnel, as seen in the video above. Eventually, the two celebrities went their separate ways, but in the midst of their bickering, some harsh words were tossed around between the two.

As additional reports note, Drake allegedly called Kendrick Perkins a "fucking pussy," which didn't exactly make him happy. According to The Toronto Star, Drake also said, "I'm here in real life," and he was clearly pissed off. Once the feud became public knowledge, Drake somewhat acknowledged what happened when he said the following statement.

I just said I liked the hem on his capris.

There's a pretty good chance this feud is only going to get uglier before it ever gets pretty. In any case, Kendrick Perkins is yet another Cleveland Cavaliers player caught in the middle of the headlines. As mentioned earlier, his fellow player Tristan Thompson also earned the scorn of the media's attention when it was revealed that he was cheating on Khloe Kardashian, his girlfriend, with multiple woman while she was pregnant with their first child. She was in Cleveland when the news broke, and it came out shortly before her own water broke. So, yeah, we're sure Tristan is happy to not be the Cavalier in the spotlight right now. That said, we're sure Thompson is due to return to the headlines any moment now, so Perkins shouldn't worry too much.

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