Tristan Thompson Is Back On Social Media After Cheating Allegations

Tristan Thompson hasn't made a lot of new fans lately. The basketball player earned more than a little bit of scorn from Kardashian fans when it was revealed that he was cheating on his famous girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, reportedly with more than one woman. It also doesn't help that the news became public just as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians personality was in Cleveland, OH, where Thompson lives, preparing for the birth of her baby. In fact, Khloe K allegedly discovered the news -- along with the rest of the world -- only mere hours before she gave birth to her first daughter, True Thompson. So, yeah, it's not a great time to be Tristan Thompson on the celebrity side of things, but that hasn't stopped him from returning to social media. As you can see below, Tristan Thompson has bravely returned to his account, and he is clearly opting to ignore the controversy completely and focus on his basketball career, instead. Check out the latest post from the athlete, below.

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While Tristan Thompson is choosing not to talk about the whole scandal, at least for the time being, that hasn't stopped the comment section from chewing him out. While a few comments were directed toward the actual game in question, more than a few users were unafraid to bring up Thompson's recent allegations, and some of them were also unafraid to get nasty with their insults. As you would expect, Tristan opened the floodgates for more criticism by returning to social media, especially considering how Instagram was reported to be the place where he'd direct message girls for his planned indiscretions.

As it was reported last week, Tristan Thompson was known to DM the girls he'd cheat on Khloe with. More specifically, the professional basketball player was known to seek out "exotic or non-American looking girls" with large bottoms. His cheating eventually caught up to him when a girl in New York used her own account to post lewd text messages she reportedly shared with Thompson, along with a sex tape. Neither can be confirmed to be Tristan, although there is security footage of Thompson touching, making out and motorboating two different girls in a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. That footage has gone viral, and it eventually caught up to Khloe Kardashian. As you can imagine, Khloe was reportedly "devastated" by the news, and it put the future of their high-profile relationship in serious jeopardy.

Although Khloe Kardashian did invite Tristan Thompson into the delivery room, they haven't put this scandal aside. While they haven't broken up, they are clearly not in a great place right now, as you'd expect. Kim Kardashian West recently spoke up about it and said it was "fucked up." That said, Khloe is reportedly considering giving Tristan a second chance, because she loves him "unconditionally." That is not yet official, but if it is, we'll let you know. Though it could very well change. In the meantime, Tristan is gonna ride the storm, and he's not afraid to return to the place where all the trouble began.

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