Ken Jeong Helped A Woman Who Had A Seizure While He Was Performing Stand-Up

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Ken Jeong is both a comedian and a doctor, but in recent years, he has spent more time making people laugh than saving lives. During his latest stand-up set, Jeong did both. The Community actor found himself in an unusual situation when a woman in Phoenix started having a seizure during his stand-up show on Saturday night. But thanks to Dr. Ken's medical background, he assisted the lady while paramedics quickly arrived on the scene.

TMZ covered the story. It was early into Ken Jeong's stand-up set over the weekend when a woman in the third row began seizing. At first, Ken Jeong reportedly believed the lady was pulling a prank on him, but the audience made it apparent that her medical emergency was no joke. As soon as Jeong realized the extreme seriousness of the situation, however, the television actor quickly departed the stage and ran to her assistance. Before he pursued a life in comedy, Dr. Ken Jeong was a practicing M.D. in the 1990s, and he used his training to good use. Jeong cleared the area, assuring that she had space, and Ken Jeong cared for her while the paramedics arrived on the scene. The doctor wasn't alone in his life-saving efforts; there was also an EMT in the audience.

Ken Jeong cared for the woman until the ambulance arrived, and sources on the scene claim that she regained consciousness under his care, was eventually stable enough to return to standing. Shortly after she was taken to the hospital, Jeong resumed the show, to a thunderous round of applause. He also reportedly addressed the unusual situation briefly in his set, saying something to the effect that he was happy to assist. We're sure this situation, while scary at the moment, will serve as good material for his future stand-up. In any case, we're happy to know that everyone was okay and that Dr. Ken Jeong was able to save the day during his stand-up set. It's not every day that you see your entertainer save someone's life in front of you.

Ken Jeong's medical background shouldn't be a surprise to his fans, as his experiences as a doctor were loosely chronicled in the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken, which he not only starred in but co-created alongside Jared Stern and John Fox. The short-lived series ran for two seasons between 2015 and 2017.

Beyond his stand-up comedy and his life-saving efforts, Ken Jeong can next be seen in Crazy Rich Asians, which comes to theaters on August 17th. He's also soon set to be seen in the dramedy Elsewhere and the adventure-comedy Departures, both of which are expected to come out later this year. Ken Jeong is also currently filming a role in Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween. Also, this recent stand-up experience isn't the first time Ken Jeong treated someone while working as a comedian. He also helped Danny Pudi on the set of Community after his co-star ate an assortment of bad things.

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