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If you been paying attention to coverage from last night's Met Gala, you likely noticed that Kanye West wasn't in attendance. Although Kim Kardashian West was easily spotted at the high profile media event, her controversial husband decided not to join her this time around. There's apparently a good reason why, according to Kim Kardashian. On social media, the reality TV star explained why her headline-grabbing hubby didn't attend the fashion extravaganza. Hint: it involves work. A whole lot of work. Here's what Kim Kardashian West wrote on her social media addressing Kanye's noted absence.

Gotta admit, that's a pretty good excuse. Since returning to Twitter, Kanye West hasn't shied away about making bold proclamations, as well as controversial remarks about President Donald Trump. But the rapper also revealed that his follow-up album to 2016's The Life of Pablo, allegedly called Love Everyone, comes out on June 1st. Additionally, Kanye West also has a new collaboration album with Kid Cudi, for a newfound duo called Kids See Ghost, that is set to be released on June 8th. So, yeah, that's not a whole lot of breathing room right there. And if he's working on even more albums, that's a ton of work.

Kanye West might also have a few other goals in mind too. Specifically, running for president in 2024. In his ongoing string of recent social media posts, Kanye revealed his lofty aspirations for trying to enter the Oval Office are still in place, and that he's starting the campaign process early to drum up more attention for his political ambitions. The musician certainly garnered some attention, although it might not have been as positive as he'd hoped. Who honestly knows with Kanye if he'll actually follow through with his campaigning plans for President, but he's still promising it. So that's probably keeping him pretty busy, too.

Of course, Kanye West has earned a great deal of criticism for his recent comments. In particular, fellow musician Daz Dillinger threatened Kanye with a "crip alert" in a social media post that was deleted from his page shortly after it went live. Additionally, John Legend reached out to him to express his own concerns for his friend, in a text message exchange that went viral when Kanye screenshoted it and shared it online. They've put aside their differences, but it's unclear if everyone else is going to do the same. It's quite possible that Kanye West's recent behavior is going to be a problem for the foreseeable future. It also inspired a pretty good Saturday Night Live skit with host and musical guest Donald Glover, in a parody of John Krasinski's surprise smash hit A Quiet Place, entitled A Kanye Place.

Even if Kanye West isn't as the Met Gala, he's going to find attention, one way or another. That's for certain.