Alan Thicke's Widow Is Reportedly Feuding With Robin And His Brother Over His Will

Alan Thicke on Scream Queens

Since Alan Thicke's untimely death last year, there has been unrest in the Thicke household. More specifically, Robin Thicke and his older brother, Brennan Thicke, are having a conflict with Alan Thicke's widow, Tanya Thicke. The late actor/songwriter's sons are reportedly keeping Tanya out of the loop when it comes to her inheritance, and possibly spending the money carelessly to boot. Now, in a recent legal case, Tanya Thicke is seemingly going to get into a bitter battle over where the late Alan Thicke's money should go. According to Tanya, she isn't receiving the money she is due.

TMZ covered the Thicke family scandal. Robin Thicke and Brennan Thicke were named the co-trustees of their father's estate, and as such, they are handling the money from the late actor's long career. The brothers are reportedly keeping Tanya Thicke at bay with regards to how they are spending their dad's cash in the process.

The mourning family members have apparently been at odds with each other since the funeral arrangements. The sons were apparently unhappy with Tanya Thicke's decision to arrange a burial site monument in her late spouse's honor. Tanya believes it's entirely in her right to pay respects to Alan Thicke as she wishes, and the sons are getting their reported revenge on Tanya by refusing to reimburse her for the monument she commissioned. To add to Tanya's sour grapes, the widow claims Robin Thicke was reimbursed for a tribute party the singer threw for his father the night before Alan's burial. The party is estimated to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $105,000. So, it wasn't a cheap farewell to the actor, and Tanya believes she is being mistreated when it comes to her husband's estate. To add insult to injury, Tanya believes she's also being charged unfairly with taxes and other expenses that shouldn't fall on her.

This ongoing case isn't the first time Tanya Thicke has taken Alan Thicke's sons to court. She recently won a case in September regarding prenup and the future of Alan's estate in his death. Evidently, Tanya will continue fighting for what she believes she is owed from her belated husband. We'll keep you posted on any additional updates that arrive in this case, as it's still ongoing at this moment in time.

As it was reported earlier last year, Alan Thicke left this world at 69 when he suffered a heart attack playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter. The unexpected death came as a shocking and heartbreaking surprise to everyone who knew him, and it's a shame that the late entertainer is remembered in part today due to this unfortunate legal situation.

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