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Meghan Markle Suits Katy Perry "Bon Appetite" Music Video

By most accounts, Meghan Markle's wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous. The Givenchy gown and its 16-foot veil, which is estimated to have cost upwards of $500,000 or more, were so stunning that one Page Boy's wide-smiling reaction to the gown became an instant viral sensation, since it matched the expressions shared by viewers at home. But there's always a critic, and when it came to the Duchess of Sussex's flowing wedding gown for the Royal Wedding, that critic was Katy Perry, who apparently wasn't really wowed by Meghan Markle's choice. By her estimation, in fact, it needed "one more fitting."

Ouch. Katy Perry's fashion critiques were captured by Entertainment Tonight before American Idol's penultimate episode for its first season on ABC. While the pop musician-turned-judge made a note to express her general love for Meghan Markle, Perry couldn't hold her tongue about what improvements she felt the dazzling dress needed. Here's Katy Perry's exact quote on Meghan Markle's head-turning outfit.

I would have done one more fitting. I'm never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you.

Everyone's got opinions, right? Katy Perry took her comments one step further by claiming Kate Middleton to be the undeniable winner in the Royal Wedding competition. K. Perry wasn't afraid to enthusiastically note how Middleton took the royal ball and ran with it when it came to who wore the best dress.

Kate, Kate, Kate won. Kate won!

Despite Katy Perry's harsh criticisms, the musician once again assured people that she is very happy for the newlyweds, and Perry is extra supportive of Meghan Markle for her feminist mindset and her firm beliefs. Here's what she had to say about the officially dubbed Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

I'm so happy for them, and, you know, I don't know them from Adam, but it's amazing what she's doing with all this, her humanitarian efforts. You know, the fact that she's a proud feminist, I love all that. I support her as another woman and love her and wish them both well.

Katy Perry has spoken! Whether you agree with the "Bon Appetite" singer or not, Perry isn't afraid to let her thoughts -- and, more fittingly, her criticisms -- be voiced, regardless of whether other fall into line with her thinking. Of course, Perry isn't trying to make enemies right now. She recently extended a literal olive branch to Taylor Swift, hoping to finally put an end to their much-publicized feud that had been burning hot for more than a few years. Meanwhile, there were also rumors spreading a couple months ago that Perry was trying to rekindle her romantic relationship with Orlando Bloom.

Beyond her honest thoughts about Meghan Markle's dress, Katy Perry seems to be spreading more love than hate these days. We hope that lasts. Look for her returning to American Idol again next season.

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