That Time Drew Barrymore Spray Painted Her Ex Boyfriend's Car

Drew Barrymore Charlie's Angels

Drew Barrymore knew how to get revenge on her ex boyfriends. When she was looking to exact some sweet, sweet vengeance on a former lover from back in the day, Drew knew how to kick him where it hurts. Specifically, the Charlie's Angels star spray painted his car, letting the mark really settle. As the actress recounted on a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Barrymore's former fling ended with a bit of anarchy, and she isn't shy about revealing the truth now... quite a few years later. After all, its a story that admittedly might get her in trouble now that the truth is revealed. Here's what the actress said.

I spray painted an ex-boyfriend's car. It was really fun. We blasted Cypress Hill. It was mid-'90s, late-'90s. We felt so baller.

In the late night talk show clip, Drew Barrymore recounted a tale from her bad girl days, where the Santa Clarita Diet actress spray painted her ex-boyfriend's car in revenge. She didn't explain how the relationship ended, or how she worked up the courage to leave her mark on the vehicle, but she admitted that she got some help from her friend. Oh, and she doesn't regret it. When Jimmy Kimmel asked what the former child star painted onto the car, Drew Barrymore admitted that what she wrote weren't exactly nice things, nor things you'd expect from a jolted lover.

A lot of really horrible things that would not seem like me. It wasn't like, 'You screwed me over, you dick.' It was like, 'Anarchy' and 'Black Flag.' And then he called me crying like a little bitch, and he said, 'You wouldn't have done this, would you have?' And I was like, 'Noooo.'

Score one for Drew Barrymore. But now that the truth is revealed to the public (let alone on a syndicated talk show) there's more-than-a-slight chance that the unnamed ex-lover will see the talk show clip and finally know the truth. As Barrymore notes, she might be in a whole heap of trouble because of the decades-earlier revenge. But no matter. She leaves without regret about what she did.

Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.

Drew Barrymore was last seen in the aforementioned Santa Clarita Diet, which premiered its second season on Netflix earlier this year. It was also recently renewed for a third season. Additionally, the actress has her own beauty line, Flower Beauty, which she is promoting on the talk show. She might also be bringing a new horror anthology series to The CW in the future. Nevertheless, while she is keeping busy with her future projects, she's not afraid to recount a particularly scandalous incident from her past. And let it be known: don't mess with Drew Barrymore.

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