There's Video Of George Clooney's Motorcycle Accident, And It's Intense

Yesterday in Italy, George Clooney found himself in the hospital when his motorcycle crashed into a car on the street, with Clooney cracking the vehicle's windshield. He was reportedly released from the hospital later that day, and his injuries were not considered to be serious. But the details surrounding the actor/director's accident were left vague, and it wasn't clear how the accident resulted or what caused the crash in the first place. Some of those questions were answered today, when security camera footage of the accident made its way online, revealing what happened. It should be noted this footage is graphic and intense in nature, though it contains no blood. If you wish to watch it, you can see it below.

In the video, which is nearly a minute long, we get a sidestreet view of the scene of the accident, where cars are passing by left and right in normal fashion before a black car made its way into the other lane, for reasons unknown. George Clooney and another motorcyclist were passing through at that exact moment, and while the other motorcycle rider was able to dodge an accident in sly fashion, Clooney was unfortunately not so lucky. Though it's obscured by the time stamp, Clooney couldn't avoid the accident and seemingly crashed straight into the vehicle's windshield before flying and rolling towards the left side of the impacted vehicle. Soon after, people walking by and other drivers came to the Oscar-winning actor's assistance.

We're glad to know that George Clooney's accident didn't result in a long hospital stay, but there's no denying that this footage is hard to watch. The accident occurred at 8:15 AM on Monday morning on the island of Sardinia, where the celebrity was on his way to a film set. He is believed to be in the midst of shooting his Hulu mini-series adaptation of Catch-22, where he serves as an actor, producer, and director on the streaming exclusive series. It is not clear how this accident has impacted the production schedule of the upcoming program, and they haven't released a response to the incident.

Sources close to George Clooney's family, however, were reportedly reassuring each other, according to People. They also believe George Clooney was lucky in the sense that he "could have been killed" by this accident. The 57-year-old remains active for his age, but there's no denying that an accident like this could be severe for anyone, especially someone in their late '50s with 1-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella. According to the publication La Nuova, George Clooney was rushed to the emergency room at John Paul II hospital, where his wife, Amal Clooney, quickly joined his side. His injuries included "a slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to the one leg and arm." He was released from the hospital a couple hours later.

Hopefully, George Clooney is recovering at the moment and regaining his strength. Obviously, his health and well-being are his main concerns at the moment, and it's comforting to know that he was released shortly after the accident occurred and that his injuries weren't considered to be too intense. Should we learn more details about the accident and George Clooney's medical condition, we'll be sure to keep you posted right here at CinemaBlend.

Will Ashton

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