Michael Buble Opens Up About Son's Cancer Battle

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In October of 2016, Michael Buble and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, were devastated to discover that their son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was only three years old. When he learned about the illness of his eldest son, Buble stopped the promotion train for his ninth studio album, Nobody But Me, which was released only four days earlier at the time. Instead, he focused his time entirely on his ailing son. Since then, Buble's main focus has been on his son, but he is starting to return to the world of music he left behind to care for his child. In a recent interview to promote the return to the stage, which takes place tonight at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park in London where somewhere in the ballpark of 70,000 can be in capacity, Buble talked openly about his son's health condition.

The most important thing was to get [the tumor] out, with clean margins. Because if you do, it goes from being this scary thing to just being tremendous odds. No one likes talking about percentages but, honestly, [we have] a percentage where we can live our life, and not live in fear every day. We know we're ok now. But, what we went through was fucking brutal.

Because of that, Michael Buble thanked the doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital Los Angeles for their continued efforts to save and improve Noah's life. He called their services "incredible." Because of their efforts, he is able to return to his work, performing his first official concert in over three years. Now, he's talking about this story not to bring up his difficulties, but to hopefully help other parents who are dealing with similar struggles in their lives at the moment. Here's what Michael Buble said.

But it's such a deep conflict within me. That's something my wife and I talk about a lot: we feel this sense of responsibility to help other parents. But at the same time, it's my kid's life. This boy is a hero. He's my hero.

One can't even begin to imagine the difficulties Michael Buble and his family faced during this time. As the singer admitted in the confessional interview with the Evening Standard, his family is still dealing with the difficulty of the situation. And while Noah is thankfully on the road to recovery, Buble admitted that it was "fucking brutal" to get through this period of time. Michael Buble also maintains this period of hardship would be intensive and heartbreaking for anyone -- famous or otherwise. It humbled him to realize such a brutal disease could enter anyone's family at any point in time, even someone as rich and well-known as Michael Buble. He admits that when the public got concerned about him, he thinking about it. Instead, he and his family were by Noah's side for seventh months, doing anything and everything in their power to make sure this young patient received the medical treatment he needed during this challenging time.

We hope Noah continues to recover in his battle with cancer, and we hope Michael Buble puts on a great concert tonight as he returns to the stage again.

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