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Sometimes street performers can be pretty exceptional. I once even saw America’s Got Talent contestant Alonzo Turf Jones bending his body in crazy directions in front of a large crowd. Even that experience pales in comparison to the treat a few subway riders got the other day when they stepped off the train in New York City only to find Michael Bublé and an a cappella crew singing on the platform.

Bublé showed up at the Lincoln Center subway stop on Thursday with the group Naturally 7, which, as the video proves, features a bunch of guys gifted at a capella. The guys chose a crowd pleaser, “Who’s Lovin’ You” by Smokey Robinson to sing on the platform, which also happens to be a cover appearing on Bublé’s newest album, To Be Loved, which is available via iTunes.

This was a great publicity stunt, but it was a good one, and Bublé says singing by the subway was the promotional event he was most excited to complete to coincide with the album release.
"Singing in the New York subway is something that's been done for years and years and years, and I feel like it's the most authentic, organic way to make music.”

Bublé later uploaded the video of the performance to his YouTube account in order to show the stunt to a wider audience. The Smokey Robinson cover is pretty great, and it’s not even the only cover the performer is including on To Be Loved. Other covers include Jackie Wilson's "To Be Loved" (obviously), the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody," Dean Martin's "Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)," and Elvis Presley's famous track, "Have I Told You Lately."

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