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Kate Middleton is back, or almost back. The Duchess of Cambridge was on maternity leave after she gave birth to her and Prince William's third child, Prince Louis of Cambridge. But she's returning to her duties with the Royal Family soon, as it was announced by the Kensington Palace recently on social media. Take a look.

As it was noted in the tweet found above, Kate Middleton is expected to engage in public activities under the Royal Family's name when she visits the Forest School and Wildlife Garden at Paddington Recreation Ground on October 2nd, which is coming up shortly. As it was announced in this newfound tweet, we should expect to see Middleton in the public spotlight again in due time.

It was only earlier this summer when Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child. The delivery, in fact, was just a mere few weeks before Prince Harry married Meghan Markle at the Royal Wedding, which resulted in an exciting season for the Royal Family. Of course, it's safe to say things calmed down a bit in the subsequent months, notably with Markle and Henry settling into marriage while Middleton continued to raise her young child. Regardless, it appears that Middleton is ready to put maternity leave behind her and continue being a public figure for the Royal Family again.

Prince Louis was born in St. Mary's Hospital in London. This is the same hospital where Kate Middleton gave birth to her first two children, Prince George, aged 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2. The name of the young baby was the source of great speculation and it's safe to say that the choice in name was a fairly unexpected one, as many speculators believed the baby would be named Albert or Arthur. That was, of course, assuming it was a boy, although many people initially believed the child would be a girl, and they predicted that the baby would be named Mary or Alice if that were to happen.

Alas, Prince Louis of Cambridge was the name settled upon by Prince William and Kate Middleton. And the reason for the unexpected name choice is because it relates Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth's husband. Mountbatten's life was met with tragedy when he was killed by a bomb placed by the Irish Republican Army in 1979. He became the last Viceroy of India, the head of the British colonial administration at the time. He was 79 at the time of his death, and the name of the new child was picked as a way of commemorating his life.

Of course, we should always expect to hear new updates from the Royal Family. While public matters have been noticeably quieter since their exciting summer, it appears that they are continuing to work their way into the public gaze, and we should expect to report on those public appearances right here at CinemaBlend.