See Ariel Winter Dressed As Pamela Anderson For Halloween

We're used to seeing celebrities dressed up in assorted costumes for Halloween festivities. Regardless, we don't often see celebrities dressing up as other celebrities when they go out for the candy-coveting holiday. Ariel Winter, however, decided to go against usual celebrity costume conventions and dress like a fellow celebrity: Pamela Anderson. The costume, as you would imagine, garnered no shortage of Internet attention. Take a look below.

Ariel Winter Instagram

The Halloween-themed costume photo first appeared on Ariel Winter's Instagram page. The social media photo is from a specific point in Pamela Anderson's life when she was coupled with rock star Kid Rock. Those days have since long passed, but Winter and her mate are keeping the spirit of it alive with their costume attire for the evening. And based on the comments found next to the photo, Winter's followers ate it up like seasonal candy.

The Instagram commenters are quick to share their appreciation of Ariel Winter's flashback costume attire. The same, however, could not be said about the costume worn by her partner for the evening. They weren't the only two looks the couple sported for Halloween festivities. Reportedly, the couple also dressed as Elvira Hancock and Tony Montano from Scarface. They also dressed in Incredibles attire.

As far as celebrity Halloween costumes go, Ariel Winter's Pamela Anderson costume isn't quite as complex as the ones sported by some other, shall we say, more zealous celebrities. With Halloween coming up in a few short days, we should expect to see some more eager celebrity costumes in the days to come. That said, it will be hard to top some of the costumes worn by a few noteworthy people last year. The competition is pretty darn high.

Heidi Klum, for instance, is especially known for her outlandish and often painstakingly detailed Halloween costumes, as seen by last year's Michael Jackson-influenced werewolf persona, based on the infamous "Thriller" music video. LeBron James and Gwyneth Paltrow, meanwhile, also turned a few heads last year. The former dressed up as Pennywise the Clown from IT and went all out with his costume. The latter, meanwhile, didn't so much turn heads as much as she put her own to good use, as Paltrow played up the twisted, tragic fate of her character in Se7en for high comedic value.

It's no easy feat to pull off the Pamela Anderson look, but Ariel Winter does it in style, and the Internet is certainly appreciative of the costume choice. Whether or not we'll be seeing Pamela Anderson rocking out an Ariel Winter costume is something that will need to be determined in the days ahead.

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