LeBron James Dressed Up As Pennywise And He Went All-In On The Costume

It's Halloween and that means it's time for costumes. Lebron James has found his Halloween costume, and the basketball star cut no corners. His Pennywise costume is a thing of terrifying beauty. The basketball star showed off his Halloween costume on social media, and it's so damn good you could put King James on the screen in IT: Chapter 2 and it would work perfectly well. Check it out.

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Popular movies are always equally popular sources for Halloween costume ideas. That's only truer when you're talking about popular horror movies. As such, there will probably be a lot of people dressed up like Pennywise at parties and walking the streets trick or treating this evening. Having said that, it's unlikely that most of them will look half as good as what Lebron James has put together here. That smile is absolutely chilling. The only question is, is James actually wearing basketball sneakers with the costume? It's a little hard to tell in the photo, though if he is that might take away slightly from the overall scariness.

The only thing that could be better than the costume might be the comments from Lebron James' Instagram followers reacting to the costume. They tend to point out that seeing Lebron James as Pennywise is even more chilling than the movie. As one fan put it very simply.

6' 8" Pennywise fuck that

We can't really argue with that sentiment. If a guy the size of Lebron James came out dressed like a circus clown, we'd be out of there as fast as we could possibly move. If he can also unhinge his jaw, you can forget about it. At that point, we'll just die, thanks.

Although to be fair, Bill Skarsgard is 6' 4", so Lebron is only a bit taller than the man who played Pennywise in IT, though while the actor may have the height, he's not exactly built like a power forward.

IT made the transition from page to screen this year in a big way. The film version of the Stephen King novel has become one of the highest grossing horror movies ever made. It's made certain that the killer clown Pennywise will be a major part of pop culture for the next few years, as the sequel, IT: Chapter 2, is now set for release in 2019, which means that before the character has the time to become any less popular, he'll be back. Expect to see a lot of people try to pull off Pennywise over the next few Halloweens, though it will take some work to outdo when Lebron has done here.

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