College Bathroom's Secret Danny DeVito Shrine Goes Viral, And He Approves

Danny DeVito It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Loyal Danny DeVito fans all have their own ways of honoring the legendary character actor. Some people regularly watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to witness his latest antics as Frank Reynolds. Other people seek him out on Broadway to see his live performances. But the folks over at SUNY Purchase have their own unique method of paying tribute to the veteran actor/director.

Namely, the students have erected a shrine in the honor of "our Lord and Savior," and it can be found behind one of their campus bathrooms. Once, it was a well-hidden secret. Now, it's a big viral sensation.

Word of Danny DeVito's secret shrine made its way onto the Internet earlier this month, particularly as footage of the devotion made its way to Twitter.

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According to Mashable, the secret shrine is located in one undisclosed bathroom on campus, and it can be found when you make your way into the wall through a torn paper dispenser. In the cavernous room, there are broken bricks, graffitied walls, and tattered litter.

But amid the ugliness is something pretty beautiful: a solemn, hand-made tribute to Danny DeVito. A cutout of the actor stands before an assortment of miscellaneous items that have been offered in tribute to the beloved actor, director, and Oscar-nominated film producer. Beside this smiling cutout of DeVito and all the items that have been left for him, there's a message for any traveler who stumbles upon the shrine. It reads:

Leave An Offering for Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men.

Here is a better look at Danny DeVito's secret shrine:

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Thankfully, Danny DeVito has learned about his shrine and he is more-than-appreciative of the grand gesture that has been bestowed in his name. On Twitter, the actor wrote that the shrine "honors" him, and he claims that his heart is now filled with "love and garbage." He also has a few more words:

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Meanwhile, now that the shrine is far from a secret, there have been several people who have tried to figure out where it's located. But only a few silent souls know its exact spot, and they don't want to make it a public attraction. Rather, the location of the shrine will only be known by select people.

But since the shrine has attracted a lot of attention to the university, they are hoping that the actor will at least make a visit to the college campus soon. There's also a student-made petition for Danny DeVito to become a speaker for the 2019 commencement speech. Thus far, it has over 600 signatures.

One could argue that Danny DeVito is among the most lovable and endearing actors still working in Hollywood. His ability to play into his Internet Fandom (much like Jeff Goldblum) has only earned him more appreciators -- particularly as he expresses approval for the most outlandish showcases of love and affection. This shrine in Danny DeVito's honor, however, might be the most elaborate example of Danny DeVito appreciation to date, and it is no surprise that DeVito has used social media to express his honor and gratitude for this very random act of worship and deep-seated approval.

As an actor, Danny DeVito recently finished up the 13th season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and he'll next be seen reuniting with Tim Burton for the famous filmmaker's upcoming live-action Disney remake of Dumbo. He also provided his voice to WB's family animated film, Smallfoot.

It's hard to find someone who doesn't appreciate Danny DeVito's kookiness, and this shrine makes its Internet premiere at a great time. Yesterday was the actor's 74th birthday, and the debut of this shrine is certainly a great gift. We hope Danny DeVito had a marvelous birthday on Saturday. Now, if you excuse us, we've got to put together an even bigger, more extravagant shrine in our offices. We've apparently got to step up our game now.

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