Yes, Jeff Goldblum Loves Fans Calling Him Daddy

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Jeff Goldblum wants you to know that he likes to be called "Daddy." He also doesn't mind if you call him "Zaddy." In fact, he might like it even more. But, like, not in a creepy way (we hope). The veteran actor/living meme is typically celebrated for his charmingly eccentric personality, and it has now resulted in a new generation of fans adoring his Goldblum-ness, which often includes adorably rambling speeches, very sharp fashion, and smooth flirting skills. These likable traits have earned the actor no shortage of appreciative admirers, and Goldblum says he loves all the attention.

They don't seem to get unpleasant, from what I've gathered It's sweet. Isn't that sexy talk? It's sexy talk. I am a daddy, literally... Sometimes they say 'zaddy.' What's that mean? The spicy daddy. Yeah, sure. I like it. Zaddy!

The Daddy/Zaddy talk was found in the most recent web episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones, where celebrities are asked "hot questions" while gorging on some incredibly hot wings. Jeff Goldblum nobly stood up to the food challenge, and it was in the midst of eating wings that he was asked about his fans, and how they like to talk to the older actor as if he were their own father. Goldblum was on hand to promote his new dramatic movie, The Mountain, which is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival today. But as the interview continued, it was ultimately centered around the man himself, and his prolonged legacy in the media's spotlight. He wasn't afraid to admit that he appreciates the attention he garners from his loving fans.

It's hard not to love Jeff Goldblum. The man is totally original in his personality and his quirks, and he isn't afraid to be comfortable in his own skin, which is one reason among many that he continues to be beloved by generation after generation to come. Thankfully, Goldblum appreciates when his fans show their appreciation towards him wherever he might go, and it's fun to know that he likes to keep things casual when it comes to nicknames.

You can check out the spicy interview with Jeff Goldblum at the link found below.

When the actor isn't soaking up all the attention drawn to him, Jeff Goldblum keeps a busy profile for himself through a variety of different projects, both on the silver screen and away from it. That includes appearances in Hotel Artemis and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this past summer, as well as lending his voice to this past spring's Isle of Dogs and providing his comedic chops to Thor: Ragnarok last fall. The performer will soon be offering his talents to the upcoming comedy-drama The Price of Admission, which will also star Michelle Monaghan and Michael Sheen. Additionally, Jeff Goldblum will also be releasing his first album with his jazz band later this fall. So, be sure to look out for that one.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest developments with Mr. Daddy/Zaddy himself, Jeff Goldblum, right here at CinemaBlend.

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