Logan Paul YouTube Video Results In Arrest Over Baby Tiger

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Logan Paul is in the news again, and it involves trouble. Although this time, it's not the YouTube personality who has finds himself in hot water. Rather, it's Nicholas Perkins, a California man who put his tiger club in one of the YouTuber's 2017 videos, who is currently facing criminal charges for illegally owning and mistreating a tiger cub. The heavily-viewed YouTube video was believed to have helped investigators confirm the location of the animal.

As it was reported by The New York Daily News, Nicolas Perkins was previously being investigated by legal authorities for potentially illegally owning a tiger cub when the rumored animal was reportedly seen with a model on Instagram. Through Logan Paul's YouTube account, the authorities specified the exact location of the dangerous and endangered animal.

They were finally able to convict Perkins of his accused crimes. A search warrant was originally executed on November 9th, 2017, while the Logan Paul video went online October 21, 2017. Perkins' identity was identified by the Wildlife Tracking Wardens from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, a.k.a. the DFW. The search led to "extensive evidence" of poor animal treatment.

The Logan Paul video in question is "Kong Meets A Baby Tiger Showdown," which acquired over eight million views on YouTube since it hit the video service a little over a year ago. Due to Paul's popularity and controversy as a content creator, it wasn't hard to find the video of Nicholas Perkins with the tiger cub prominently seen in his living arrangement at the time. Using this damning evidence, the authorities were finally able to catch Perkins.

If you wish to see what's now considered a controversial Logan Paul video (not a shortage of those for Paul these days), check it out below.

When it comes to the "extensive evidence" against Nicholas Perkins, it's believed to be related to how Perkins allegedly fed the tiger cub kitten milk replacement formula using a baby bottle. At this time, the baby tiger has been taken to a facility in L.A. The animal is reported to be fully recovered.

Should Nicolas Perkins be convicted of these alleged crimes, he could face upwards of two years and six months in prison. He could also be forced to pay a fine of $4,000. He is specifically dealing with potentially two counts of illegal possession of a tiger. He's also facing one count of mistreatment of a tiger and possession of anabolic steroids, according to legal authorities. It's not clear when Perkins is expected to go to court for these accusations.

Logan Paul hasn't had a great year. In early January, he received a great deal of controversy for when he showed footage of a suicide victim on his YouTube channel. The criticized video earned the YouTube content creator a great deal of backlash, which he is continuing to fight nearly one year later.

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