Former American Idol Host Brian Dunkleman Is Now An Uber Driver

Brian Dunkleman American Idol

In the long lineage of "almost famous celebrities," Brian Dunkleman is certainly close to the top. As you may (or may not) remember, the first season of American Idol featured two hosts -- Dunkleman and, of course, Ryan Seacrest. But when it came time for Season 2, Dunkleman was not to be found.

As the music competition show continued to expand into the pop culture mammoth we know it to be today, and Seacrest became one of the most recognizable faces on television, many viewers were left to wonder, "Whatever happened to Brian Dunkleman?"

Well, now, we've finally got an answer.

As it was reported by TMZ, Brian Dunkleman currently spends his days being an Uber driver, which is reportedly among his main sources of income. It is certainly not an uncommon line of business; you probably know one or two people who make their money driving people to-and-fro through the ride app. But it's surprising to know that Dunkleman, whom many might think is living a simple life and making a decent stream of money through American Idol royalty checks alone, is struggling to make ends meet and relies on driving people around to make his income. But that's reportedly his reality now.

According to court documentation acquired by the tabloid site, Brian Dunkleman is in the middle of a heated divorce with his wife, Kalea Dunkleman. In the space left open for occupation, the one-time American Idol co-host reportedly wrote "Uber driver." And he allegedly works roughly 45 hours a week in that profession. Through that line of work, Dunkleman claims he makes roughly $800 a week, and the TV star reportedly has $2,000 in the bank.

That's a far cry from what Brian Dunkleman most likely made on a weekly basis through American Idol. One has to assume that he is looking at Ryan Seacrest with envy-filled eyes as his co-star continues to make a name for himself in the spotlight in Hollywood, while Dunkleman is left counting his pennies and trying to provide child support. In any case, Brian Dunkleman's expenses reportedly total to $1,605 in a given month, with $1,500 in rent.

Meanwhile, the Uber life is one that Brian Dunkleman has been reportedly acquainted with for a few years now. In the court documents, Dunkleman claims he has been working through the company since 2016 and he continues to work there to this day. So, there's a good chance you might get a ride through the one-time American Idol personality. Of course, one must wonder if that is a sour topic to bring up.

Meanwhile, shortly after the news went around the Internet circuits, Brian Dunkleman released a statement. Explaining his current life situation, Dunkleman said that, when it came to his newfound efforts making money via Uber, the former TV personality did it primarily to provide for his son.

I chose to stop doing stand-up comedy and started driving an Uber so I could be there for my son as much as he needed after our life as we knew it was destroyed.

There's no denying Brian Dunkleman is going through a bit of a rough patch in his life, but he's doing the best he can for his son. Hopefully, things turn around for Dunkleman sooner-rather-than-later.

Will Ashton

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