TJ Miller's Possible Assault Charge Has Been Settled

T.J. Miller in Silicon Valley

A dispute between T.J. Miller and the Uber driver he allegedly assaulted has reportedly been settled. As it was recently revealed, they resolved their differences on the matter and came to an agreement. They'll go their separate ways, although it's currently unclear what the terms of their agreement were.

TMZ has the latest T.J. Miller update. According to legal documents the site obtained, the case will not be heading to court. While the details of their settlements were not publicly disclosed, one could infer that the deal involved a giant wad of cash on Miller's part. But that's not confirmed, of course. The attack was believed to have been inflicted by the comedian and Silicon Valley star because the Uber driver, Wilson Deon Thomas III, was a supporter of President Donald Trump. The incident-in-question occurred back in December 2016, only a month after the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

To back things up a bit, T.J. Miller was arrested for allegedly striking William Deon Thomas III between the head and shoulder after he admitted he supported Donald Trump. They had a dispute on the matter, which swiftly turned violent when T.J. Miller attacked the man driving the car. According to Thomas, Miller was also under the influence of nitrous oxide Whip-Its at the time, something T.J. Miller has venomously denied since.

While T.J. Miller avoided criminal charges at the time, he was facing a civil suit from William Deon Thomas III until they came to an agreement of some sort last week. We might never know what that agreement was, but it's clear these two have put the past between them and moving on.

Looking ahead for T.J. Miller, the actor/comedian has quite a few projects lined up. He'll next be seen in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One in a minor role (at least, if it's fateful to the book) as i-R0k. He'll also be seen reprising his role as Weasel in Deadpool 2, a.k.a. The Untitled Deadpool Sequel, when it hits theaters on May 18th. Miller will also be seen in Underwater with Kristen Stewart whenever that hits theaters later this year. Finally, the the comedic actor is also slated to return as Tuffnut Thorston for How to Train Your Dragon 3, which is scheduled to hit theaters on March 1st, 2019.

Don't expect to see T.J. Miller in the newest season of Silicon Valley, however, which premieres on March 25th. The comedian left the hit, acclaimed series last year, and it doesn't sound like he exited the HBO series on good terms with the creators, cast or crew members. According to show creator Mike Judge in a recent interview, T.J. Miller was known to show up on set late, without knowing his lines beforehand, and running production behind. He was also said to be drunk or imbibed on different drugs, which is something the comedian denied in the same piece. Miller claims his extensive and very busy stand-up schedule is what kept him tried and disorganized, which is why he often showed up late and in poor condition whenever he arrived.

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