Anne Hathaway Has Some Advice For Her Haters

Anne Hathaway - Serenity

Anne Hathaway has unfortunately dealt with a few haters in her days. When you became a famous, Oscar-winning actress like her, there will be people who love you and people who despise you. It's a sad part of the business, but Hathaway is not deterred by the critics. Rather, the actress just wishes that they were a little more creative with their insults. Because anyone can throw insults, but only a select few can do it extremely well.

Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. What I appreciate is when the negativity has some intelligence behind it. What I don’t like is lazy negativity. If you’re going to take someone down, have a point of view! Be witty, maybe pun a little!

Anne Hathaway's advice to her dismissers came during her recent conversation with People. The award-winning actress has received rude comments and jokes throughout the years, and she admits that she's less bothered by the attacks themselves than the sheer lack of clevernesses that comes with some of these pointed jabs. It's one thing to suffer an insult, but it's another to suffer fools altogether.

Sure enough, Anne Hathaway wishes people were a bit more clever when it comes to making jokes at her expense. As a celebrity, she knows that she can be the subject of criticism at times. But if people are going to continue making Anne Hathaway the butt of the joke, they should at least take a moment or two to come up with a witty retort.

Ultimately, Anne Hathaway claims that she doesn't really care if people like her or not. She's going to continue doing her thing, and  seems happy with her life and how things are turning out. That's the best one can hope for in this world, and it's good to know that the actress isn't taking mean criticisms to heart anymore. Nobody likes to be made fun of, but since she has been joked about in the past, she hopes these jokes are more clever in the future.

Sure enough, Anne Hathaway has received some harsh criticisms recently for her latest film, Serenity. The twisty erotic thriller is a baffling movie, and it hasn't necessarily won over many critics. When it comes to the negative reviews directed towards the new film, Hathaway said there are some critics who "get" her new movie and there are some who don't. Ultimately, she doesn't seem ashamed of the movie she made with Matthew McConaughey.

This is certainly not the first time that Anne Hathaway has called out her haters, and it probably won't be the last time either. In any case, one hopes that Hathaway receives more validation than not in her day-to-day life. There's no denying that she's an extremely talented and accomplished actress, and she should be rightfully celebrated as such. But if Hathaway is going to deal with some Negative Nancys, then at least she has the right mindset.

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