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Jennifer Lawrence - The Graham Norton Show 2019

In case you missed the news, Jennifer Lawrence is in the midst of celebrating her recent engagement to Cooke Maroney, a 34-year-old art gallery owner. And if you weren't previously aware, Lawrence is certainly not keeping it private. She has been seen wearing a giant engagement ring, particularly at the Dior show, showcasing her recent dedication of love. And it will definitely be hard for people to be in-the-dark about the news when that exceptional ring is shining exceptionally bright.

While attending the Dior Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 Show this past weekend, Jennifer Lawrence was causing quite a commotion when she was seen wearing her giant engagement ring, which certainly caught the attention of the press and photographers. Here's the official Dior photo of Jennifer Lawrence and her ring from their Instagram -- although, ironically, it is hard to see the ring in the photo.

While this particular photo doesn't properly showcase the huge ring that's currently planted on Jennifer Lawrence's finger at the moment, there was no shortage of other photos that got a better look at the expensive piece of sentimental jewelry.

For instance, the folks over at Page Six were quick to capture a better look at the engagement ring, and they gave eager onlookers and followers a better opportunity to see the dazzling bit of bling through their Twitter account. Check it out below.

Holy moly! That's one big ring. Sure enough, when you are famous and rich like Jennifer Lawrence, you're able to acquire pretty expensive rings like this one. And with a ring like that, I woudl want to make the moment count.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence's relationship with Cooke Maroney, the two have reportedly been dating somewhere between eight or nine months. While the relationship did not receive as much notoriety as some of Lawrence's past romances, it has been blooming throughout the last year. They have been traveling the world together, as they went to Paris, Rome and other fabulous locations. During this year largely spent away from professional acting, one presumes Jennifer Lawrence got the opportunity to get even closer and bond more intimately with her new partner.

Additionally, this Dior show is not the first time Jennifer Lawrence has shown off her engagement ring. When the engagement news was first publicized, Lawrence and Cooke Maroney were seen in a New York City restaurant having a "celebratory" dinner, and the patrons told People the ring was "massive" and "very noticeable." But this is the first time the much-discussed ring has been debuted in a public forum.

Once again, congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney on this engagement. There's certainly going to be more to report in the future. We'll continue to keep you posted on the forthcoming details right here at CinemaBlend.